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Reaching Talent vs Timelines: Balance Of Act

The recruitment industry is all about reaching out to the right talent before your competitor reaches out to them.  Every recruiter wishes to get the perfect fit within the deadline and budget, for which, they are trying new techniques and innovating themselves every day. Regardless of your business domain, to be on top you always need impactful manpower in your organization which is possible through the right Talent Intelligence. 

If you have spent a long time in recruitment then you are familiar that following traditional practices to recruit a candidate does not always get you what you want. Going beyond your limitations to reach out to them via unconventional methods through the desired skill level is much more vital nowadays.

It doesn’t matter how much expertise you have in this field, recruitment can be a challenging task and you may face a lot of hurdles when you are close to your deadline and realize that there’s no potential talent at your sight. Hiring the right candidate within a stipulated amount of time requires speed. If you are an executive firm then it becomes crucial for you to close the positions on time which gives a morale boost for your business reputation and deliver excellent client satisfaction.

But you need not worry if you know how to balance the act throughout the hiring process.

By the optimal use of Talent and Market Intelligence you can complete the task with absolute ease within your timeline –


Reaching Talent

The first step of the process is searching for talent and only after that, you will find a medium to contact them, hence this is the crucial part. Now the question is how and where to search them? The answer to this is talent search tools. 

We use HR Talent Data Integration to leverage Talent Intelligence by compiling all of the talent data on existing candidate pools, passive candidates, internal employees, formal employees and competitors into a single report known as talent insights; that you can use for strategic decision making.


You tend to spend a lot of time when your approach is not clearly defined. It’s better to take out some time initially and make a straightforward objective and requirement list and then look for only what you want. By identifying better allocations of resources and creating stronger candidate skill requirement profiles for any job, we leverage talent intelligence at every level of your organization to improve talent acquisition, retention and performance outcomes.


Reaching Talent

Use of Talent Intelligence solutions will go a long way to ensure hiring the best talent and retaining it for as long as possible. You don’t want to spend several months carefully researching, sourcing, recruiting and onboarding new talent. Strategies for attracting high quality talent can only be implemented effectively by using talent intelligence.

In order to rank your organization in one of the fastest emerging companies in your respective industry, you need to step out and start hunting for the requisite candidate to create a powerful team that is highly dedicated to their work and loyal to the company. All these things are possible through Talent Intelligence and converting them as your final recruit for your organization within a short span of time.

Opt for a discussion with Talent Chanakya and find out how you can ace your Talent Acquisition as it is super efficient, beneficial and doesn’t get in the way of your work.

At Talent Chanakya, we offer you services that include Market Intelligence, Organizational mapping, diversity mapping, and AI-based Talent search and ensure quality hiring.