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Talent Chanakya is an end-to-end, reliable, and innovative strategic talent mapping and data insights Research Company, Talent Intelligence. We help our clients with data driven insights that enable clients for their strategic hire decisions whether at Growth Stage or Location Set Up, Diversity or New domain Set-up.

We empower our clients with strategy and manage talent data by following time-tested and proven service models viz., organizational mapping, talent mapping, talent pipelining, reflektions and diversity hiring with customized solutions in the talent war for highly competent resources.

Chanakya (also known as Kautilya) is renowned as a strategist, executor, philosopher, and a great statesman. He advocated that talent building at the right time and placing people in the right roles will ensure phenomenal results and it demands a robust data gathering, analysing and deployment with well-informed thought processes.

Talent Chanakya is borne out of insatiable quest, inspiration, and synergy from Chanakya’s rich vision of short term and long-term challenges, legacy and contribution to talent building approach & management. Thus, it’s “Talent Chanakya”.

Talent Chanakya offers the right talent strategy solutions based on the actual requirement of the client. Talent Chanakya is passionate in enabling businesses with right Talent insights in creating a remarkable data driven approach for the organization. This catapults each client’s organization to the next level of business excellence, even in the face of fierce competition.

Our market insight and talent intelligence approach will help in finding solutions for

  • Start-up Businesses to turn dynamic and responsive to the needs of the sustenance and growth and ensure readiness to face competition by building proactive leaders and strong teams
  • Growth Organizations in addressing the challenges of Talent availability with Competency, Compensation, and Location by Skill, Technology & Knowledge for various Industries. This enables the clients to take informed and strategic Hire Decisions ahead of the competition in the Talent War for Business Success.

Talent Chanakya brings over two decades of experience that envelopes experimenting different methods of deep dive search models, complex business hiring needs, identifying passive talent, x-ray search of niche talent etc for more than 200 assignments in talent acquisition and executive search.

We serve clients across industries viz., Technology, Industrial, Infrastructure, Financial Services, Consumer Goods and Professional Advisory services. Talent Chanakya collaborates with the clients through different stages of the Talent building & recruitment process. Our objective is to ensure that each client gains by right talent, that in-turn assures robust delivery and quality service.

What we do ?

Our robust data driven Talent Intelligence Solutions will simplify every strategic decision

Organization & Talent Mapping

In the first, Talent Chanakya map the entire organization from the top to bottom including the distribution of talent

Talent Pipelining

Talent Chanakya creates a pipeline or ready pool of potential candidates who are qualified and experienced.


Through reflektions, Talent Chanakya enables and energizes the startup ecosystem. We identify like-minded people in the market.

Social Sourcing

In the former Talent Chanakya leverages on social media sourcing that covers all social media's and other

Market Intelligence

Talent Chanakya’s strategic approach to talent is based on our proven intelligence, insight and authority on the talent market.

Industry Specialties

Mapping is Our DNA and Intelligence is our Expertise

Talent Chanakya - Diversity Mapping, Talent & Market Intelligence
Automotive Tech

Embedded ADAS, Equipment Manufacturing , Automotive Body Design, MATLAB E-Mobility, Computer Vision, Physical Design, AI Tech Hiring…

Talent Chanakya - Diversity Mapping, Talent & Market Intelligence
PHL & Pharma Tech

Pharma, Healthcare, Lifesciences, Deep Imaging, Medical Devices Technology, Molecule Development, API development. Formulations Specialist Hiring…

Talent Chanakya - Diversity Mapping, Talent & Market Intelligence


Core Banking, Financial, Insurance & Services, Payments, DS, Broking & Investment Fintech GSC, Non-Tech, Financial & Functional…

Talent Chanakya - Diversity Mapping, Talent & Market Intelligence


5G, Chip Design, Physical design, Embedded C++, GPU, Pre-silicon Verification, SoC, Mixed Signal systems, Embedded AI...

Talent Chanakya - Diversity Mapping, Talent & Market Intelligence
Hi-Tech Product Engineering

IOT, Bigdata, Data Sciences, IOT, Platform Engineering, HDFS, NFS, Storage File Systems, Cloud ERP, Artificial Intelligence Engineering, MDM, Digital Mobility …

Talent Chanakya - Diversity Mapping, Talent & Market Intelligence

Application Development

Platform Engineering, SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, Cloud, Large Scale Distributed File Systems, HDFS, Data Sciences & Analytics in varied domains...

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