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Reflektions – emPowering the Co-founders

World critical talent challenge is to get a clone of an expert and to get a precision of themselves in the start-up environment who understands the Business and takes challenges with like-minded thought processes. One of the Survey’s resonates that 40% of the start-ups fail globally with the Co-founders or key talent separation from the Business idea.

Reflektions is a well-designed crisis handling service approach for the Start-Up Founders in providing a skill mirror of key resources or its co-founders skills and like-minded thoughts during unavoidable turbulent separations. Talent Chanakya’s reflektions help to identify like-minded people in the market who hold the potential to replicate either self or its key resources to align to the business quickly. Reflektions Specialists identify the potential candidates at an Executive Level who are informed business leaders for exploring and exchanging the knowledge through coffee meetings with the Founding members of the Business. 

At the core, our objective is to find the like-minded talent and explore during the phase of growth or Turbulent time of Co-founder separation and this plays a prominent role in the start-up stability and Investor confidence.

Scope of Reflektion ensures the co-founder

Reflektions at Talent Chanakya is a strategic service solution where the Talent specialist deliberate with the Founders team to understand the challenge with utmost confidence and confidentiality for mapping and headhunting the talent to compliment and replace the role at a faster pace.

Talent Chanakya - Diversity Mapping, Talent & Market Intelligence

The prospect may be an aspiring entrepreneur or key leadership/ Technical resource looking for an entrepreneurial tie-up or willing to explore to solve a critical business problem as team as part of the CXO team.

The approach ensures strong social networking to explore the like-minded thought process and build a strong network to explore a collaboration at an appropriate time. The solution best works for Venture Capital organizations who support to create a talent ecosystem for the invested companies for its disruptive growth.